Phone-activated electronic scooters have returned to cities across Florida, including Miami and Tampa, after a multiple-week hiatus amid the coronavirus pandemic. Companies such as Lime, Spin, Lyft, and Bird have relaunched after being told to remove their vehicles on May 31st. These scooters have been widely renowned as a fun, eco-friendly alternative to ridesharing or taking the bus. Furthermore, the scooters are ridden in open-air environments, properly socially distanced from others in types of public transportation. However, some are concerned about maintenance of the repeated-use vehicles, asserting that they should be cleaned often to prevent a potentially new modality for coronavirus spread.

Electric scooters (such as Bird, Lime, Lyft, etc.) work on a rechargeable battery and ride on two wheels. These scooters are activated by phones, and can travel miles before being deactivated. They charge users by time, distance, or a combination of both. While these are a new and exciting source of clean energy transportation, they have posed several safety concerns for users and surrounding motorists. Amid coronavirus concerns, many companies have begun to provide their users with essential safety tips, including using hand sanitizers upon arrival, riding solo, and socially distancing.

Involved in a Scooter Accident?

An estimated 1500 electric scooter accidents were reported in the US in 2018. These accidents can arise in a myriad of situations, including:

  • A scooter hitting a pedestrian
  • A scooter colliding with a motorized vehicle
  • A pedestrian falling off of a scooter

Scooter accidents can lead to property damage and, more importantly, severe injury. Injuries often sustained in electric scooter accidents include fractures, head injuries, lacerations, contusions, and strains.

Commonly, the rider of the electric scooter is blamed for the accident. However, depending on the situation, motorists, pedestrians, or other external factors may be the cause of an electric scooter accident. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Improper maintenance of roads (city authorities)
  • Improper maintenance of the scooters themselves
  • Motor vehicle drivers
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Any intermediaries involved in fulfilling the safety protocols of these scooters

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