Many Slovak wedding customs does appear foreigners familiar, but Slovaks truly do appreciate them. The ceremony should look beautiful, and if something does n’t look good on camera, they are n’t afraid to retake it. This is what is most important to them. Ethnologist Zuzana Jakubikova told The Slovak Spectator,” It’s like filming a scene: if it does n’t turn out well, you just film it again.”

In a ceremony known as pytacky, grooms used to go to the princess’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage. However, the bridegroom would have to carry out a number of tasks to demonstrate his devotion to her if her families objected. Running a labyrinth, dancing with the entire town, and giving presents to her kids were some examples of this.

The” savojka” meeting, where the bride’s family gather to braid her mane, is a history. It is a pretty heartfelt instant as she prepares for her new existence. The few will finally consume the same plate and spoon slovakia brides of soup, indicating that they will continue to share whatever.

Slovak brides were formerly required to see a register as well. People who needed wood for cooking and heating knew how to use a saw, so they learned about it. This tradition had useful stems. It’s a much more symbolic action nowadays, but it still helps them work together and grow in confidence.