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Trying to navigate the legal system without legal expertise leads to greater legal troubles and suffering. As the first person in my family to become a lawyer, I have seen these unfortunate challenges firsthand.

I recognize how easily people can be manipulated by the insurance companies or even the opposing legal parties because they aren’t represented by attorneys who put their clients first.

My first job after passing the bar was with a firm that dealt with property insurance claims and insurance litigation. It gave me the experience I needed to learn and master the ropes of the field. However, I knew something was missing: a focus on people first and the practice second. With this in mind, I opened The Whisler Law Firm in 2016. The law comes with a lot of technical nuance and specific systems, but above everything, it’s about human experience. Emotion accompanies every case, so a powerful dynamic forms in the process. It comes from remembering that you’re helping people through what might be the toughest moments of their lives.

Much of the legal work we handle at The Whisler Law Firm involves insurance claims and personal injury. These are issues
that often affect people’s livelihood. As a result, we become more than lawyers to our clients — we’re sounding boards, confidants, and emotional support systems. We take that role just as seriously as our responsibility to use the law to fight on their behalf. Our mission at The Whisler Law Firm is to provide the personal experience you’d expect to receive at a small firm with the winning results you’d expect from a big firm. We’re about client satisfaction above everything else, and we truly put people first.

Part of achieving great relationships is creating an atmosphere where they can grow. That’s why our company culture is so important. We have an extremely collaborative system that values every single member of our team, no matter what they do. Every role is important, just like every case is important. We’ve come up with some incredibly valuable strategies and ideas to achieve and maintain this culture. We value what everyone can bring to the table, and that mindset extends to our client relationships, too.

We want to help you through your case. If you want to fight alongside someone who cares about you as a person rather than just an outcome, then The Whisler Law Firm is here for you.

– Josh Whisler



If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by another party, The Whisler Law Firm is here to help. A car accident, slip-and-fall, medical malpractice, or workplace injury could cost you valuable work time and saddle you with crippling medical bills. But if your injuries are due to someone else’s negligence, you should seek compensation. When it comes to personal injury, take these crucial first steps to ensure your case is strong from the beginning.


No matter how costly you think treatment for your injury might be, you should always seek medical attention, and seek it as soon as possible. It’s vitally important that you get the help and treatment you need in order to keep yourself safe and start the process of healing. Getting initial care and then following your doctor’s suggested regimen is also important for making your case. Medical records speak to your injuries, and your proactive participation shows that you’re adamant about getting your life back.


Until you’ve secured legal counsel, it’s best to proceed with extreme caution around insurance adjusters. They’ll likely reach out to you soon after your personal injury occurs to ask you questions before you have legal representation. This is because they’re trying to sway you, not because they’re looking out
for you. Insurance adjusters may act like they want to be your friend, but it’s critical to remember this is how they’re trained to behave. Their goal is to get you to say things that fit their own agenda so they can wiggle out of compensating you.


This is where we come in! You have enough physical and emotional distress to deal with, so leave your case to us. Hiring legal help is essential to receiving the compensation you deserve because we know the right moves to make.
We’ll gather evidence, take statements, and show your opposition how they were at fault for your injuries by proving their negligence. We want you to speak about the impact the incident has had on your livelihood, and we’ll speak the legalese of what the responsible party needs to do to right their wrong.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of another, be sure to follow these steps. Then call our office to see if we can help.



At The Whisler Law Firm, we believe winning your case takes a team. The way we work and operate inside our office directly translates into the great service we’re able to provide our clients. Having the right operations in our office is like having an experienced pilot and crew for an airplane. The administrative operations of our office are what pilot the plane of our business.

Administration in a law office has distinct differences from other businesses. Our work often involves hundreds of pages of documents, it’s highly time-dependent, and information is often sensitive. It takes a particular mindset to successfully run a law office, so that’s why we recently brought on Michael as our Professional Legal Administrator.

Michael comes to The Whisler Law Firm with years of experience at large firms. He’s a member of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), a group that understands the importance of proper legal office operations and aids in helping establish and implement the practices needed for achieving the very best service for clients. The ALA’s operations are utilized by the largest firms across the country, and we’re proud to be bringing that level of service to our clients.
Michael has led our administrative team in implementing efficient systems that have taken our operations to new levels.

Continuing education is another important component to our strong team. We attend management seminars, courses about the latest insights in our field, and even allocate funds for our staff to advance their education and degrees. The field of law is always shifting, and we use continuing education to keep informed and win cases for our clients.

It takes a trained pilot to fly a plane and an entire team of professionals to make the flight as smooth and efficient as possible for all the passengers. Michael and all of our administrative staff manage our firm so that our legal team can focus on winning cases for our clients.