Natural disasters are not easy to get through, especially if your property such as your home or your business premises get severely damaged in it. No one can ever be completely prepared for such an unforeseen event, but everyone can protect their property by opting for a property insurance policy that should cover your expenses in such cases. If your residential or commercial property has been damaged in a hurricane, flood, windstorm, or any other event, you can contact our Property Damage Attorneys in West Palm Beach, Florida and get professional help in filing your property damage claim.

Our team of competent attorneys can help you in various scenarios, especially if your claim has been denied. Insurance companies can decide to deny property damage claims if they find it necessary. Some of the possible reasons for insurance claim denial include the following:

Incomplete proof of damage

To make sure your insurance company pays out your claim, you have to provide them with adequate evidence that proves the said damage. In case of insufficient evidence of property damage, the insurance company can decide to deny your claim leaving you without any compensation whatsoever.

Unpaid premiums

Not paying your premiums on time is the most common reason why your insurance company can refuse to pay your expenses for the damaged property. Although there are certain exceptions about late payments, the insurance company keeps the right to end your policy coverage. Knowing your rights is important, but knowing your obligations is imperative if you want that your property is protected at all times.

Coverage exclusions

All insurance policies carry certain exclusions about what is covered by it and it is your task to read through your insurance policy and know about these exclusions. Coverage exclusions are legal under insurance law, but every case is special and different and there are no generalizations.

Withheld information

When applying for the insurance policy, you have to reveal all the relevant information about your property to the insurance company. If you fail to do so, the insurance company as the right to deny your claim and you will lose the right to compensation in case of property damage.


    If you’ve found yourself in any of the cases mentioned above, our team of Property Damage Attorneys is at your disposal for a free consultation and legal advice on possible solutions. We will handle your case with promptness and efficiency and ensure your rights have not been jeopardized. We will read through all the paperwork with you and explain all possible doubts making sure you understand your obligations and rights.