You took out insurance because it is the best way to save your property in case of natural disaster, lawsuit or other reason. Yet, when it is time to file a claim, the same insurer who was so nice during the signup period shows a different, less affable side. They then become rigid, refusing to provide you with the money needed to make up for your losses. Quite often, Floridians wind up losing everything, their homes and businesses. Do not let this fate happen to you. Instead, contact The Whisler Law Firm. We are dedicated to helping people get the justice they deserve from their insurance company.

For those clients who have retained public adjusters, The Whisler Law Firm can supplement these services with representation at Examinations Under Oath and filing Civil Remedy Notices with the State of Florida. If you or your public adjuster suspect the insurance company is acting in bad faith, let the Whisler Law Firm advocate on your behalf and make the insurance companies accountable for their bad faith behavior.

The firm is also good at getting insurance companies to give priority to clients. Remember that after a natural disaster there will be thousands of insurance claims being filed. Those claimants who have a personal legal advocate can often receive priority service. We also know how to recognize and challenge low ball settlement offers. Our clients deserve just compensation for their losses and we fight for that amount.

Lastly, this firm begins the petition phase by formulating a proper legal strategy that can win. Too often clients come to us overly emotional about their situations. It is the responsibility of the Whisler Law Firm to listen to the client, then devise an objective strategy that will be more likely to get positive results than a purely emotional appeal.

When a homeowner suffers property damage they need a law firm that will stand with them until the insurance company comes through with a fair settlement offer. The problem that many people face is that they go into these negotiations alone, expecting insurers to play fair. Such is not the case. In reality, the home property damage claim process is essentially a business negotiation.

The insurer has its actuaries and claims adjusters decide on the lowest amount to pay. This is the extended offer. Unfortunately for claimants, the amount is usually much less than a homeowner needs to repair, renovate, or relocate.

The Whisler Law Firm helps Floridians get what they need to deal with residential property damage. It may also be necessary to request help with alternative living expenses if a household cannot continue to inhabit the current space because of the damage. The insurance company will often balk at these sorts of expenses. Let The Whisler Law Firm help you explain the situation and the need for compensation.

When a business suffers property damage, it is common for the owner to settle with the insurance company as soon as possible. The understandable goal is to get the claim settled, money paid and the business back up and running. However, the Whisler Law Firm understands that insurance companies take advantage of this desire to settle quickly. Insurers know that business owners usually fail to thoroughly investigate the costs needed to sustain their total losses. Thus, the payout is much less than it should be. The Whisler Law Firm has the experience necessary to calculate the total losses, including physical damage, income, and others.

When something goes wrong in a home or it is devastated by a disaster, the family wants to get things repaired. However, most Floridians do not have savings. Also, insurance companies can take a long time to award a claim. The result is families are left with no way to pay for the damage and, perhaps, nowhere to live. The solution is an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Agreement.

These legal contracts allow restoration and mold remediation companies to go ahead and perform the necessary services without the homeowner having to spend any money. Instead, the insurer pays at a later date. The problem is that insurance companies quite often try to question the legality of a standing AOB.

The Whisler Law Firm can help restoration and mold remediation clients draft legally binding contracts. Furthermore, the firm can help these companies properly document all expenses and file a claim within the statute of limitations to ensure that the insurer does not get away with a low ball settlement amount.

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