What is personal injury law? Is this type of law always representative of one person? Does personal injury compensation apply to families, too? These are just a few of many questions individuals will ask if they know or suspect they have been involved in a case that could go to court or negotiations for an accident or injury.

Personal injury law is not a matter to be taken lightly. Often personal injury examples range from minor injuries to serious injury, and in the most serious of cases, death. Personal injury law or tort law gives a person who has been injured, or their families, legal representation for the losses experienced from a serious injury. Compensation for their injuries takes in a series of exceptions and points that are compiled to fairly and accurately give to a client who has suffered harm from their injury.

This article will give a broad and fair assessment of what personal injury law is and serve as a guide to help you decide if your case is worth pursuing or considering if you have been injured.

Personal Injury Law 101

Personal injury law can seem overwhelming for the average person, especially if they are considering opening a case as a result of an accident, injury or death. Here is a list of some of the most common instances where an individual, an individual’s family, or group may be entitled to compensation for an injury received:

  1. Accidents: Personal injury law compensation can be given in the case of an accident or accidents including car accidents, workplace-related injuries, slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice, medical neglect, elder care neglect, and many others. If any harm or carelessness has been inflicted upon a defendant by an individual, group, or entity, the defendant is able to open a case and pursue compensation.
  2. Intentional Harm: What is intentional harm? In short, intentional harm is when one person willfully and intentionally harms another individual with assault, domestic violence, rape, and many other situations or intentional torts.
  3. Defective Products: It seems like every day there is a new product, whether a medical implantation or purchased device that is being recalled for being classified as defective. In these cases, group lawsuits and individual lawsuits can be practiced and employed to receive compensation if a defective product has inflicted harm on you or a loved one.
  4. Defamation of Character: What about words? Can a defamation of character case be pursued with a personal injury attorney? The answer is YES. If a person’s reputation has been compromised due to gossip, rumors, or false reporting, a personal injury law attorney is able to represent the individual in court and pursue compensation.

What you can expect during a personal injury case

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what will happen in the course of a personal injury case, but typically, during a personal injury law case, an accident will be assessed on the basis of the claim, accident, or injury. First, a personal injury attorney will investigate the Defendant/Plaintiff injury and the details surrounding the act.

The Plaintiff will then determine if the Defendant was responsible or breached some type of legal obligation. Personal injury case examples regarding this aspect of a case assessment include any type of contract that has been breached. A doctor has a legal obligation to provide medical care with competence and skill. If those aspects have been compromised and resulted in an injury, the Plaintiff is then able to move forward with a potential case under the guidance of an experienced, professional personal injury law attorney.

It is not solely up to you to fight for the compensation you deserve based on an injury you have received from an outside entity or individual. Together with legal representation from Whistler Law, you can fight side by side with an attorney who will guide you along the way, give you advice, and be your advocate to help you get the representation and compensation you deserve.

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