The Whisler Law Firm helps Floridians get what they need to deal with residential property damage. It may also be necessary to request help with alternative living expenses if a household cannot continue to inhabit the current space because of the damage. The insurance company will often balk at these sorts of expenses. Let The Whisler Law Firm help you explain the situation and the need for compensation.

You took out insurance because it is the best way to save your property in case of natural disaster, lawsuit or other reason. Yet, when it is time to file a claim, the same insurer who was so nice during the sign-up period shows a different, less affable side. They become rigid, refusing to provide you with the money needed to make up for your losses. Quite often, Floridians wind up losing everything, their homes and businesses. Do not let this fate happen to you. Instead, contact The Whisler Law Firm. We are dedicated to helping people get the justice they deserve from their insurance company.

When a homeowner suffers property damage they need a law firm that will stand with them until the insurance company comes through with a fair settlement offer. The problem that many people face is that they go into these negotiations alone, expecting insurers to play fair. Such is not the case.

If you’ve fallen victim to any of the damage mentioned above, immediately contact your attorney at Whisler Law Firm and get proper instructions about the following course of action. Our team of attorneys will guide you through the whole process of filing property damage and insurance claims while making sure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to. The longer you wait, the risk of not being able to cover your losses is greater, so don’t wait long before you contact us.

In reality, the home property damage claim process is essentially a business negotiation. The insurer has its actuaries and claims adjusters decide on the lowest amount to pay. This is the extended offer. Unfortunately for claimants, the amount is usually much less than a homeowner needs to repair, renovate, or relocate.

In the event that your home or place of business has sustained damage or suffered a complete and total loss, your next move can be tough to ascertain. The amount of repairs you may be facing might feel staggering, perhaps you are looking at complete replacement of your property. This is a very difficult time and your road to recovery appears daunting at this moment.

The very first thing you need to do is refer to your insurance policy to review your coverage and the limits contained therein. You are most definitely going to file a claim to help you get back on your feet. However, if you are new to this process, you need to understand that you are about to enter into a potentially contentious negotiation with a massive entity that is not always looking out for your best interests.

That is why you must always understand your rights before you begin the process of filing a claim. Even after you read your policy from cover to cover (and you really should, especially now), you may not fully understand everything written in there. But do rest assured, the law provides essential rights for policyholders. That means insurance companies are mandated to follow the rules and regulations that are in place to help a policyholder recover their full benefits as per the policy that individual or company has purchased from their insurer.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the insurance companies are always ready to play fair with you. You could find yourself fighting for the full benefits you deserve. But you can’t protect your rights until you armed with the knowledge necessary to understand exactly what those benefits entail.


Before you even file your claim, be sure to read your policy in full. You may need to do this more than once to fully comprehend what is in your policy and what it all means for receiving the benefits you expect.

Start by confirming that you have the most current copy of your updated policy. If you don’t have one on hand, be sure to send in a formal request in writing to receive one. You want to be absolutely sure that your policy is the same one that is being used by the claims adjuster who will be assessing your loss. You can’t very well get all of the benefits you deserve if your copy of the policy and the copy the adjuster has in hand are different.


Now that you have the most up-to-date copy of your policy in hand, you need to read it in full. You will need to refer to the Declarations Page in your policy to understand which coverage categories are included. You should find categories that cover your dwelling, your personal property, any additional structures that you have covered, and stipulations for the loss of use and other living expenses that you can expect to have reimbursed. Your policy might also include any payments for liability and medical, along with any supplementary endorsements or riders that were added for extended coverage.

All of this language should give you a complete picture of the benefits you are entitled to receive in the event you ever need to file a claim that is covered under your policy.

Once you’ve read (and re-read) your policy in full, consider whether or not you truly understand what the policy offers. If you do not feel comfortable in your level of knowledge even after attempting to read and fully comprehend all of the language contained in your policy, you should seek out help. The Whisler Law Firm is ready to provide you with that assistance and if you have even any hesitation as your ability to understand your policy, you should never proceed with filing a claim. You could be forfeiting a significant amount of compensation without even realizing it.


To reiterate, your property insurance claim boils down to a financial negotiation that must be entered into between the policyholder and the insurer. Consider the ultimate goal of your claim, you are aiming to restore your home or place of business to its original condition. Depending on the level of damage incurred that could be a pretty penny as you may need to repair or replace the physical dwelling along with any or all personal property inside that was affected.

This is why it’s so vital that you read and understand your insurance policy. That document explains all of the coverage you have purchased in the policy, the limits of that coverage, your deductible, and any other conditions or requirements that must be met as part of your capability for filing a claim with your insurer.

Once that claim is filed, you will be assigned an adjuster who will be tasked with determining the monetary amount of your losses and how much reimbursement you will be entitled to receive under your policy. However, you do not want to rely solely on that adjuster’s calculations, because this can negatively impact the dollar figure you receive for your claim.


You should always know who is coming to assess your claim and be certain that individual is a licensed adjuster. Your insurer will send an adjuster to your property to take a look at the damage and the repairs, clean-up, and/or replacements required to get you back to pre-loss condition.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your adjuster has the necessary qualifications to do the work. Always get a business card from your adjuster and confirm that his or her card states their full name AND their license number. Do not fail to take this precaution before allowing the adjuster to begin working on your property.

Do the same thing with any other representatives who visit your property on behalf of the insurance company. But always remain vigilant and extremely careful about dealing with any third party that has been hired by the insurance company. Keep in mind who has hired those individuals and whose best interests they have in mind. It’s not yours. They are coming to your property to protect the insurance company’s best interests in this matter. They may be assessing your loss, but they are doing so with an eye towards saving the insurance company money at every possible turn.

Don’t go in alone, get an ally who will fight for your rights.

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