The Greek bride is a very unique and special occasion that offers a wide selection of Greek specialties. It is both a really heartfelt ceremony and a welcome. There are no restrictions on the amount of dance, cocktails, and singing during the party, which typically lasts until sunrise. The wife frequently calls all second women and directs her flowers at them The blessed one who discovers it will be the one who marries the following.

The ceremony’s crowning is undoubtedly the most significant aspect of a Greek Orthodox ceremony. The preacher places two crowns or wreaths known as stefana on the couple’s and couple’s heads while a ribbon connects them. Because it represents that they are crowned by God as king and queen, it is one of the most wonderful marriage customs.

After a brief period of prayer, the pair is given a common bowl. They consume it three more times as a result of their marriage and husband union. The koumbaro or koumbara, known as the best person and maid of honor, likely consume any liquor left in the bowl because it is considered bad fortune to discard blessed beverage.

The bride and groom are even given a blessing by the priest during the marriage ceremony. The groom kisses his kids after the bride and the groom kisses his kids. The wife is then led down the aisle by the wedding while the happy couple is being waved and sung to.