When you are considering hiring an estate planning attorney, the Whisler Law Firm can help you create the proper plan just for you. Estate planning is important for just about everyone and is not one size fits all. Leave it to us to guide you through the process to ensure your family’s well-being.


Estate planning is a creation of a solid legal plan to manage your wealth and estate during your life and disbursing it after your death. Also, and most importantly, you need to make sure your minor children are cared for at all times by someone you trust. Therefore, people with young children must undergo planning to have someone take care of them when you cannot be there.


Estate Planning Must Follow State Laws: An Estate Planning lawyer that understands these laws is important. State authorities are very particular regarding what must be included in a will, living will, medical surrogate, power of attorney and trust. It is also important to understand who is best to work as agents in these documents.

Buyer Must Beware: The ancient Latin saying goes “Caveat Emptor,” or “Buyer Beware,” surely refers to a new wave of online estate planning. Saving a few bucks by using a document found on the internet can be a rude awakening at the end. If you do not want to take a chance on creating the wrong plan or one that doesn’t do what you want it to do, then make sure you hire the right estate planning attorney. I have seen too many families end up in prolonged and expensive Probate cases that could have been avoided with proper plans. Don’t let that happen to your family.

Estate Planning Attorneys Help: They can legally create and draft papers with the understanding of the state laws to ensure your assets remains intact and go to the people you want them to go to. Proper planning takes away some of the worry your loved ones may have about making decisions after you are gone and can even help maintain peace in the family. Finally, you will have peace of mind knowing you have cared for your family’s well-being.


Our attorneys are experienced experts in dealing with such cases.

Marty Elberg is an excellent Estate Planning Attorney who provides individualized legal advice and consultations for clients all over Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hollywood, Hallandale, as well as other Southeast Florida areas.

As per Marty, certain things must be considered before planning. They are as follows:

  • Will (Last Will and Testament): Who do you want to receive your assets and who should be in charge of making sure everything is taken care of when you are gone?
  • Living Wills: How do you want your end of life handled if you are being kept alive only by machines?
  • Power of Attorney: Who will take care of your assets and finances if you aren’t able to?
  • Health Care Surrogate: Who will make medical decisions for you if you aren’t able to?
  • Trusts: Do you have assets that would require Probate if you don’t move them into a trust?
  • Guardianship Documents for Minors: Who will care for your child if you aren’t able to?

Unfortunately, difficulties usually occur when people don’t properly plan. Some heirs disagree with the way property passes by state law and often the law is not in line with what you want. When you have a well-drafted estate plan, with The Whisler Law by your side, you can rest assured that your property goes to whom you desire and in the way you’ve decided. Your kids will be with the person you choose and you can truly rest in peace now and forever.

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