All insurance companies usually receive more money in premiums than they pay out to their policyholders in cases of catastrophic events. Their aim is to pay as little as possible when people file property damage claims in case of events such as hurricanes. Since Florida is more than familiar with hurricane disasters, it’s important that you have a competent and capable attorney by your side who will fight for your rights if you fall victim to a disastrous hurricane.
Once you’ve obliged to file a hurricane damage insurance claim, you should be aware of the following things:

If your home was severely damaged by a hurricane, you will probably feel scared, sensitive, and confused, especially if this is happening to you for the first time. Even if this is a rather subjective event and you might feel like your whole world is turned upside-down, you have to be aware of the fact that your insurance company has probably managed property hurricane damage cases for countless times. This is only business to the insurance company and they simply want to make the best out of it.

Property damage attorneys at the Whisler Law Firm are always available for you and will deal with your case promptly and efficiently. By taking a look at your hurricane insurance policy, we will be able to help you rebuild your house. While researching your policy documents and learning about your losses we will take care of everything for you, and you will get your property restored and rebuilt as soon as possible.


    Your Business Is Safe With Us

    Business owners also have a hard time recovering from a hurricane that damaged their business property, particularly since they support not only their own family but also their employees’ families thanks to their business. Besides that, they have to make sure their business is up and running as soon as possible so that they don’t suffer any substantial financial losses that can completely ruin their business and leave them bankrupt.

    Usually, business owners opt for complex insurance policies because they operate with a lot of different types of expenses in case of hurricane property damage. In this case, they can hope to rebuild their business premises without fear of money loss.

    Our Property Damage Attorneys will ensure that you don’t get paid any less than you have the right to. We can help you restore your home or your business property to the pre-hurricane condition without any considerable costs while taking care of everyone affected by the disaster. You should contact your assigned Property Damage Attorney immediately and let them handle your case from the very beginning to minimize the risk of losing money.

    Being experienced in this field of law, our attorneys won’t let you settle for a minimum amount offered by the insurance company but will fight for a fair payout.

    We strive to provide a small firm experience with big firm results.

    THE WHISLER LAW FIRM will help you maximize your compensation.